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  • How do I start a project with Number 75 Design?
    If you’re ready to stop blending and start shining we’ll kick things off by scheduling a fit call, let’s make sure we’re a match made in brand heaven. On this 15 minute phone call we want to chat about what you’re looking for, your dreams and what makes your business tick. Or, to get the ball rolling, you can shoot us an email or fill out our contact form, choose your poison!
  • How long is my Blueprint brief valid?
    Your Blueprint brief is valid for 90 days from the date of delivery. If life’s hustle keeps you from moving forward within those three months, no worries. We can update the scope or scale to match your current needs. Just give us a nudge!
  • What services does Number 75 Design offer?
    Oh, the usual? Nope, not here. We’re all about building entire brands that explode with personality and purpose. This could mean a total brand makeover, a website that wows, plotting your social media and outreach strategy, complete copy writing in your brand voice (plus identifying exactly what that is!), bespoke illustrative and graphic assets, steering your photoshoots, designing standout marketing materials, interior or signage design. And we’re just getting started! Whatever else it takes to make your brand the talk of the town.
  • What if I need more work after my project?
    If you’ve got more on your plate, as a returning friend, you get exclusive access to our Design Days or Brand MOTs. This is because we already know your brand like the back of our hands, making it super easy to dive back in and elevate your game without skipping a beat.
  • Do you offer payment plans?
    We get that flexibility can be as crucial as creativity. Once you’ve gone through your Blueprint Brief, if we’re going for it, a 50% deposit will secure your spot. For the remaining balance, we’re all about working together to find a payment plan that fits just right for both of us. Chat with us to bang out the details!
  • Do you offer any training for managing my new website or brand materials?
    Absolutely! It’s our aim to empower you to take the reins with confidence. From 1:1 tutorials in person or online, video tutorials that walk you through your new site, to personalised guides on using your new brand assets like a pro, we make sure you’re set to steer your own ship. And don’t worry, we’re always here if you hit choppy waters.
  • What is The Blueprint, and how does it help my business?
    The Blueprint isn’t just a ‘nice to have’, it’s the foundations on which you will build everything else! This session is where we discover and map out the DNA of your brand—finding its heart, its voice, and the secret sauce that sets you apart. With The Blueprint, we bridge the gap between where you are now and your deepest desires with strategic design moves that will catapult you from hidden gem to headline news.
  • How much does a project cost at Number 75 Design?
    Around here, we’re about as far from one-size-fits-all as you can get. Our projects are as unique as the visionary entrepreneurs we team up with. It starts with our Blueprint session at £550, which is your golden ticket to a tailor-made brief that sets the stage and where we uncover all of that opportunity and potential that’s going to set you apart. If you decide to roll with us further we’ll apply that to your project cost moving forward. Following The Blueprint, we’ll suggest the very best package for you, with options, based on the most impactful and efficient way for you to get to your goals. The price of The Blueprint is deducted from your package. Ready to get the ball rolling? Drop us a line.
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