In a visually competitive world, a great way to make your business stand out is to use an illustration.


Instead of using standard stock imagery Number 75 Design can create bespoke illustrations in styles that represent your brand solely for your use. Set yourself apart from your competitors on social media, on your website, within printed marketing materials and packaging. Talk to us about how illustration can elevate your brand identity to the next level.


Some of Number 75 Design’s clients that we have worked on recent illustration projects with include Lincoln University, ‘Love Island’s Dani Dyer and Hyland Gifts.  

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How Can my Business use illustration?

Set your social media part from the crowd, instead of using the same stock images available to everyone. 


An illustration can be used on your packaging, websites, office decoration, staff portraits illustration can be used for advertising both printed and digital.


We would love to find out what you need illustrative work for and what sort of style you require.  After an initial consultation, we can provide a quote for your project. Then we will get drawing and create your bespoke illustration that can be used in many ways from social media, packaging, website or even on your email signature to set your business apart from the rest.


Number 75 Design can adapt too many styles of illustration to suit your brand. For more information Get in Touch to see how we can work together.